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                                                  Hayden sings Jesus Loves Me
Hayden sings Jesus Loves Me

Brenda PowersOn this Sunday morning, I am asking each of you to say a prayer for Hayden, our 4 year old Granddaughter. She went through 2.5 years of chemo for leukemia and has relapsed after 3 months. She is in the hospital in Atlanta. She is facing an extended stay in the hospital with chemo, radiation and a bone marrow transplant.
I was in the room alone with her and had just prayed over her.....asking God to move in a mighty way and heal her body. I tried singing the Barney song to her and she said I had it all wrong. I then asked her to sing it for me and this is what she sang....Jesus Loves Me. God has placed this song in her heart and will be singing it to her when she can't sing it herself. She is Praising God when most adults would be angry at God. I felt lead to share this video as it could be an inspiration to others who are battling trials and tribulations. Thank you for your prayers.

Neurofibromatosis & Cancer Took Her Down, the Lord Took Her Up - story on video

Living & thriving with Neurofibromatosis can bring on many challenges. Whether it is disabling, disfiguring, or just shows minor cosmetic blemishes, one should always have the knowledge of this disorder, and most need to seek support and reach out to those that are walking in our shoes. NF affects everyone differently. We did not ask for this disorder, but we must deal with it the best we can. To share this knowledge with others that are not aware of this is getting one step closer to acceptance to the ones that are handicapped or disfigured from this disorder. When my daughter sat in her wheel chair and noticed someone starring at her, she would give them a big smile and say Hi Im Melissa, and I have tumors, how are you? She would immediately put them at ease and hold a comfortable conversation with them. What a lesson many people learned when they walked away from her with a smile of satisfaction! Though some of us may live so far apart, People with NF (neurofibromatosis) hold a special bond. NF does not discriminate who it touches. My father, Myself, my brother and 2 daughters all have it . My Father had his arm amputated because one tumor became cancerous. He later passed away from a cancerous brain tumor. My brother has hydrocephalus and has a brain shunt and suffers from seizures and migraines. My older daughter has no signs except for the cafe -au-lait spots. My youngest child, Melissa, passed away at the age of 7 when one of her tumors turned cancerous (Rabdoid on her left arm). A rabdoid tumor is one of the fastest growing tumors known, and the survival rate is almost zero. She was a very happy little girl that loved laughing and singing. Though her life was cut short, it was complete when the Lord called her home. She is much remembered for her Jesus songs & her laughter. Though she was never able to walk because of spinal tumors, she never wanted anyone to feel sorry for her. She always wanted to cheer other people up. And she certainly did! Her smile would light up a football field! Through many hardships, we are still counting our blessings and thank God for what we have. If the Lord asked me if I would want to do it all over again, I would. The 7 years was filled with more blessings than anyone could count!! It's like looking down upon your poor shoeless feet until you see a man without his feet. The roads we walk may be rough, but one must find the time to look down and find the diamonds in the dust. Many blessings to you and your family. May the Lord keep you safe..Susan

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