Taylor Love - Ashburn, Loudoun County, Va.

DoB 27th June, 2005

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Thumbs up to 2016 and to all of the promise that it holds. Also thumbs up to heroes like Trevor Tumlinson who saved Taylor's life by donating his bone marrow in 2010!

Taylor hasn't complained once about being in the hospital. She knows she has work to do to help her blood not be sick anymore. She's certainly loved by many of the staff here, doctors, nurses & techs who previously cared for her when she was 2 continue to drop by for daily visits. Taylor, her pink blanket and pink pillow have been well remembered & welcomed back with open arms. (go to taylorlove.org for full posting.)
Taylor Love is a two times cancer survivor. When her cancer was 'new', Taylor was befriended by an older girl called Abby Miller who decided to work tirelessy to raise funding for Taylor. 

Taylor Love was a happy, healthy 18 month old. But a bruise and a lazy eye proved to be more than just that. She was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. She had 7 rounds of high dose chemotherapy, a surgery to remove the tumor in her abdomen and a stem cell harvest. She completed several rounds of a phase I clinical trial which included immunotherapy treatment and IV radiation. She underwent radiation treatments to her head, orbits and abdomen and a phase II antibody trial. In 2010, she was diagnosed with MDS - which is a form of chemo-induced leukemia. Taylor underwent a bone marrow transplant in August 2010. In February 2010, her kidneys failed for no apparent reason. Recovering from that, a routine bone marrow test found neuroblastoma cells. A miracle happened and no more cells have been detected since. Recently, a scan showed a mass on Taylor's liver. 6 weeks later, it had grown significantly. A surgery to remove was performed and another miracle has happened. The mass is benign. Taylor is now recovering from surgery. Please continue to pray Taylor remains cancer free and she recovers smoothly.
Meet Taylor Love - Taylor Love's Cancer Journey

Taylor was born in June 2005. 18 months later, her parents sensed that something wasn't quite right. Taylor was taken to the ER where, for the first time, her parents heard the words “cancer” and “Taylor” in the same sentence. Taylor was admitted to hospital and was diagnosed with stage IV, high risk neuroblastoma, a deadly childhood cancer with no known cure.

 The diagnosis led Taylor down a treatment path that included high dose chemotherapies, surgeries, clinical trials, IV radiation, direct beam radiation, many transfusions and months in hospitals.  After 3 years of treatments Taylor was considered NED, No Evidence of Disease.


Cancer treatments can be both a blessing and a cure.  The very treatments that helped kill off the neuroblastoma led to a secondary cancer; MDS, which is chemo induced leukemia.   The treatments she had received to fight off the deadly neuroblastoma were now wreaking havoc.  Within weeks Taylor was back in hospital for more chemotherapy. A bone marrow donor had been located and on August 13, 2010 Taylor received a whole new immune system with a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor.  Taylor spent more than 70 days in the hospital, literally fighting for her life, again.  And Taylor was victorious once again.


Side effects to cancer treatments can be horrendous, difficult and even deadly. Taylor has withstood many side effects and will continue to grapple with side effects for the rest of her life.  She suffered kidney failure on 3 occasions, the first of which led to her being detained in ICU and consequently, she required dialysis.  Taylor’s kidneys continue to be problematic, her endocrine system has taken a hit, and the growth in her upper pallet is minimal due to radiation.  Her blood pressure is constantly monitored, her suppressed immune system managed and an eye kept on her health and day to day activities. 


In 2015, we are approaching 9 years since diagnosis.  Taylor just turned 10 and despite everything, she is happy, active and full of energy.  Taylor will enter 5th grade this year, and one would never know what she has been through.  

Abby Miller is a young musician with a big voice and an even bigger heart. CBS News has called Abby "a cross between Miley Cyrus and Goodwill Ambassador." Though only 13 (in 2010), Abby has chosen to use her musical gifts to help children in need. In less than 4 years, Abby has reached over 5 million people with her message of hope, courage and compassion. During the past 3 years Abby has helped raise over $400,000 for childhood cancer research.

Abby has a passion for a very special friend, Taylor Love, and the two have been inseparable friends as long as they’ve known each other. When Taylor was very young, she was diagnosed with cancer, and a few years later she was diagnosed with a second form of cancer. When that happened, Abby showed the depth of her passion for her friend.

Out of love for her friend, Abby took her other passion, music, and decided to use it to raise money and awareness to help Taylor. Abby adopted the motto “her battle is my battle”, and today she has raised over $400,000 and helped not only Taylor but countless others fighting the same brave battle as her friend!

This video shows Abby making a public service announcement on behalf of her friend Taylor.

Taylor in April, 2017
11-year-old Abby Miller performs "Keep Holding On" in honor of Taylor Love (Avril Lavigne)

July 2009
Abby Miller featured on NBC with Taylor Love

Sept 2009
Abby Miller featured on CBS newscast

Sept 2009
Homeless, not Heartless: Abby Miller & Madie perform to raise $ for Taylor Love (Martina McBride)

Oct 2009
She is Love: Abby dedicates song to Taylor Love

Nov 2009
She is Love: Abby Miller and Madie & Paul dedicate song by Parachute to Taylor Love

Dec 2009
Love Notes for Taylor: Valentine Edition - StudioRock performs "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics

Feb 2010
Splash n' Dash for Taylor Love: Abby Miller performs the Climb by Miley Cyrus & the National Anthem

Feb 2010
April 1st Release Date: "If I Can Hold Your Hand" - a song to help save Taylor's life

March 2010
Urgent!!! Part 2: An Instant Bond - Abby and Taylor Meet - April 1

March 2010
Special Girls' Day: Toenails and Ice Cream! - Abby and Taylor hit the town!

April 2010
Guest Video: "Barrettes For Taylor" by Stef inspired by Abby

May 2010
Abby Miller thanks 11-year-old Kathryn, one of Taylor Love's Heroes 

(Filmed May 2010)
Abby's 13th Birthday Wish

May 30th, 2010

Happy 5th bday Taylor

June 27th 2010

Taylor love series #1

June 2010
Abby Miller plays Butterfly by Miley Cyrus for Taylor Love in the hospital

July 2010
Good News for Taylor

July 2010
Taylor Love || You raise me up - Sung by Sabrina Carpenter aged 11

July 2010
Elizabeth comes to visit!

July 2010
Abby visits Taylor in the hospital

August 2010
Love Notes for Taylor: How You Can Help w/ guest appearance by Kailee

Aug 2010
Abby Miller performs in the Metro for Taylor Love - from Oct. 2009 (Avril and Martina covers)

Aug 2010
While Taylor was home for 2 days!

Aug 2010

Forever and Always by Shania Twain
Abby Miller and Taylor Love caught on camera singing "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus

Sept 2010
Special Request: 13-year-old Abby Miller performs "When I Look at You" by Miley Cyrus 4 Taylor Love

Sept 2010
My love for Taylor Love

Sept 2010
Taylor is home

Sept 2010
Update on Abby's dear friend Taylor Love, a 5-year-old battling cancer

November 2010
Merry Christmas! Taylor Love Performs in a Christmas Concert 

December 2010