The sad cancer story of Taylor Love (rare photos)

January 2011
Abby Miller & Taylor Klein perform "Jar of Hearts" for Taylor Love (Christina Perri cover)

March 2011
Abby Miller performs "Count on Me" for Taylor Love (Bruno Mars cover)

March 2011

March 2011
13-year-old Abby Miller performs "For You I Will" at Runway for Another Day fundraiser

April 2011

4 cancer survivors on this video.
Abby Miller & Taylor Klein perform "Count on Me" to raise funds for cancer research. (Bruno Mars)

June 2011
To raise funds for cancer research, Abby and her friend Taylor Klein perform "Count on Me." To get this song and 35 others, go to and click on "Buy Abby's Music. Proceeds got to pediatric cancer research. It's only $20 for all of the songs which is less than iTunes.
Abby Miller and Taylor Love perform "The Climb" at Taylor's 6th birthday party

June 2011
Dedication to Abby Miller

June 2011
Taylor Love And Abby Miller. 

Oct 2011
Abby and Taylor Love's friends have a campfire sing-along (Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton etc. covers)

November 2011
Taylor Love - Dont Give UP

January 2012
True Friends- Taylor Love, Taylor Klein, Abby Miller

Feb 2012
Abby Miller & Taylor Klein perform for cancer survivor Taylor Love - "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz

March 2012
Taylor Love || I'll spread my wings

March 2012
An Unbreakable bond since they met Abby Miller & Taylor Love

March 2012
Taylor Love & Abby Miller - Not A Drive by

March 2012
A Peek into Taylor's Life (along with an UPDATE)

April 2012
Taylor Love and Abby Miller - Forever Unstoppable (Hot Chelle Rae)

May 2012
Taylor Love & Abby Miller - If I Let You Go (Westlife)

May 2012
Taylor Love; You're so Amazing

May 2012
She's come so far

August 2012