June 2016
Stories on this and other pages (by month) are taken from the postings on the Facebook Blog, 'Jessica Whelan, a fight against neuroblastoma', by Jessica's dad, Andy, and her mum Nicki. Click below for link to the Facebook site.

June 8th, 2016

Jessica making her little brother giggle his little head off. I can't stop watching this without a massive smile on my face. Love my babies millions x

Click pic below for link to video

June 15th, 2016

Jessica's next scan dates have been confirmed today, we go in the week commencing 27th June for a full set of scans. This is the second set of full scans on this new treatment, the last showing no visible change to Jessica's tumours, let's see what these ones reveal.

June 17th, 2016

A busy few weeks has meant we have not been able to update the page frequently but finally I am able to look through some of the pictures we have taken over the last few weeks.

Jessica was surprised a couple of weeks ago by another visit from the Pop Up Princesses, this time Queen Elsa arriving with a friend, Belle. Jessica was once again in awe, enjoying singing with the princesses and having make-up done before the obligatory magic sparkle from Queen Elsa.

A massive thank you to these special ladies, you made Jessica's day and she loved her make-up.

June 17th, 2016

Some more pictures from the last few weeks.

Jessica's Auntie Debbie and cousins, Jennifer and Emily, travelled up to see us for a few days. Jessica loved the visit and had a great time at Rhyddings park playing with her cousins.

As you can see from these pictures Jessica's hair is really coming back thick and fast now. She is again gaining weight after a slight blip recently, the threat of a nose tube once again making Jessica push to gain weight. The down side to this weight gain is Jessica's strength not increasing at the same rate and she has had a lot of problems with her legs recently. She now has a referral for physiotherapy, the first appointment this coming Tuesday, to try and get her some much needed strength back as all too often of late, activities like those shown pictured leave Jessica immobile for the remainder of the day, sometimes several days. Hopefully she will soon have some exercises aimed at improving these weaknesses to give her back even more normality.

June 18th, 2016
Would like to say Congratulations to Lisa (the middle one) for completing the Pretty Muddy Challenge to help raise money for Jessica. I will put her just giving page in the comments so if you want to donate you can.
June 18th, 2016
One of my favourite "old", if you can call it old, pictures of Jessica, just two years and two months old here. She was so cheeky on the day, not wanting to stay still for any pictures and giving my best friend a real headache trying to capture her. This picture is the standout image on the day for me though.

June 27th, 2016

Well Jessica decided to come to the gym this morning. She absolutely loves the fact that she can exercise with me. Copying everything I do, going on the treadmill, squats, lunges (well what she is able to do) Thank you to Sy at the Fitness Bank for letting her come down with me again. I'm sure it won't be the last time.

June 28th,2016

Scan week this week, it soon seems to creep up on us.

As you can see from Jessica's recent pictures, outwardly she is doing extremely well, attending the gym with mummy and going from strength to strength. The wobbly legs we were originally concerned about have been checked by doctors and physiotherapists and they are of the belief that it is caused by a curvature in her right foot that is different to the left, this something that should be fixed with the right exercises.

These scans are always a time of anxiety for me and Nicki, seeing her do so well is something we have now become accustomed to but these scans always seem to have a way of bringing us back to reality. Indeed this very weekend we were once again brought back to the reality of this journey, a simple eye infection that most children would overcome with a trip to a pharmacist or GP, instead a trip to A&E for a full check up and a several hour appointment to be given what most children would be given after a two minute appointment. Of course it is always better to be safe but events like this give us a reality check on where we stand in life.

The results of these scans we will not know until at least a week Monday and as usual we will update this page when we have these results.